There’s no danger in paying for your own online shopping by invoice or with other online payment methods, but some online stores make it easy for others to do it with your identity.

The reasons include legal loopholes, ignorance and the vendor’s wish to offer a convenient purchase experience. There are two principal mistakes payment service providers can make in customer authentication:

  • Weak data security.
  • Making it unnecessarily difficult to actually buy something.

But you can avoid both: there are many ways to combine safe authentication with ease of use.

The current legislation and requirements on online payments are difficult to understand and do not cover all payments made online. For example, they don’t cover all of the angles when it comes to invoice payments. The Safe Pay certificate guarantees that paying on your site is safe.

What is Safe Pay?

Safe Pay certification tells customers that it is safe to pay for their purchase online. Its primary focus is on the security of processing the consumer’s data. When you see a Safe Pay certificate and/or the operator is listed on this site, you can be sure that your data will be processed securely and the payment service provider has taken the required measures to prevent fraud.

What does Safe Pay certification address?

The Safe Pay certificate primarily focuses on the security of processes, systems and data processing. Certification ensures that the following basics are in order:

  • What information is needed to make a purchase?
  • Has the customer undergone strong authentication?
  • How can customers change their authentication credentials?
  • What is the level of the vendor’s internal data security competence?
  • How is customer data processed?

Who issues the certificate?

Qvik Oy performs the certification and grants the certificate to the invoicing service. Qvik is an impartial and independent payments expert with years of in-depth experience in payment service consulting, design and implementation. More information on Qvik is available at

How long is the Safe Pay certificate valid?

The certificate is valid for one calendar year. It must be renewed if significant changes are made to the system or processes.

Safe Pay certified operators 2023

  • Paytrail
  • Maksuluotto
  • Collector / Walley